Going Down with the Ship
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Going Down with the Ship is a queer shipping comedy podcast about finding love in places you wouldn't expect, and shouldn't expect, and probably shouldn't be in in the first place. Every week, apologetic queers Eden and Fin put together a cross-universe ship of fictional characters and improvise the next great fanfiction about it.

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    Lyuik – Episode the Sixty-Second

    In our fourth listener suggestions episode, we dive deep into the thing unanimously suggested: Death Note (2017), Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and Ken Bone trivia.

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    Url – Episode the Sixty-First

    Shockingly, this is our first episode where we talk about fast food corporation shipping. Isn't that something you'd like? Something... you've always wanted? Also, Zelda: Breath of the Wild lesbians, Steven Universe's authorial habits, and tank engines.

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    Forced Froginization – Episode the Sixtieth

    Welcome to the Funkykast, where every week we talk about the latest and greatest in Funky Kong representation. This week, we discuss My Hero Academia and Nichijou.

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    Bearl – Episode the Fifty-Eighth

    A solemn vow is broken as we dig into the working relationship of the new idols from Splatoon 2. Plus, Twilight, which is much less sexual.

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