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Going Down with the Ship is a queer shipping comedy podcast about finding love in places you wouldn't expect, and shouldn't expect, and probably shouldn't be in in the first place. Every week, apologetic queers Eden and Fin put together a cross-universe ship of fictional characters and improvise the next great fanfiction about it.

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    Lyuik – Episode the Sixty-Second

    In our fourth listener suggestions episode, we dive deep into the thing unanimously suggested: Death Note (2017), Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and Ken Bone trivia.

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    Url – Episode the Sixty-First

    Shockingly, this is our first episode where we talk about fast food corporation shipping. Isn't that something you'd like? Something... you've always wanted? Also, Zelda: Breath of the Wild lesbians, Steven Universe's authorial habits, and tank engines.

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    Forced Froginization – Episode the Sixtieth

    Welcome to the Funkykast, where every week we talk about the latest and greatest in Funky Kong representation. This week, we discuss My Hero Academia and Nichijou.

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    Bearl – Episode the Fifty-Eighth

    A solemn vow is broken as we dig into the working relationship of the new idols from Splatoon 2. Plus, Twilight, which is much less sexual.

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    Broth Goth – Episode the Fifty-Sixth

    We finally take our gay little hands to Nintendo's ARMS, and, well, it goes about as well as you'd expect for a thing called ARMS.

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    E3 – Episode the Fifty-Second

    Tune in for all the analysis, previews, and shipping you can handle for all of gaming's most epic new titles, like Rayman: Raving Rabbids, and, Ace Attorney, also.

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    2Ce – Episode the Fiftieth

    It's our first anniversary! To celebrate, we completely uproot the show and talk about stuff like... home... insurance. Yup, that's this episode.

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    Beatralina – Episode the Forty-Seventh

    Finley's back!!! Enjoy a very spooky-ooky witch episode with discussion of our favorite hexy girls from Love Live!, Mario, and Umineko.

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    Pharida (feat. Keri Peas) – Episode the Fortieth

    [! Oh, here's an actual content warning!! If you don't want to hear talk about... tonsil stones... skip 12:00-12:25. Thanks! !]

    Once again, Keri has boarded the ship, this time to get literate about Overwatch shipping.

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    Pussy Magnet – Episode the Thirty-Seventh

    We try to dig deep into Undertale and just can't stop ourselves from really hecking it all up, but at least we also discuss The Last of Us, Santa Clarita Diet, and... Turbo Teen.

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    Feliciana – Episode the Thirty-Fifth

    This week, Eden tells us all about her ideal Fire Emblem Heroes wife, and Finley relays the deep lore behind a classic yuri ship archetype.

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    Philin' – Episode the Thirty-First

    This week, we relax and get some R&R with a chill discussion about good boys, gays, and sisters, and also bad dinosaurs, very upsetting dinosaurs.

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    Staekawa – Episode the Unwieldy Pilotth

    In the previously unreleased pilot for Going Down with the Ship, a TV investigator produces a proposal ring from an unlikely cavity, a legendary professor is killed in a fit of puzzle passion, and Fin and Eden display their encyclopedic knowledge of sneakers. Experience the mystery!

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    Sandakin – Episode the Twenty-Third

    The Pokémon Sun/Moon hype train continues with our continual horny ranking of all the new 'Mon and a full report on the life and styles of Anakin Skywalker.

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    Rog & Naorter: SVU – Episode the Twentieth

    In the kickoff episode of Season Two of Going Down with the Ship, we spin up a hot yarn about entrepreneur coffee disrupter Roger Retinz and save some beautiful queer characters from their burning cis-designed houses.

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    Grunkhardt – Episode the Nineteenth

    In our first listener suggestions episode, we tackle lots of Overwatch, dog girls, and Disney femslash AMVs to the ground and hold them for the 3-count.

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    Johanions – Episode the Eighteenth

    We rebuild GDWTS following the meteor impact of Minions (2016, dir. Coffin & Balda) via conversation about what the teens like these days, extended Game Criticism Corners, and attempts to fully explain how Minions came out so horny and nihilistic.

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    Howl.fm – Episode the Fifteenth

    I’m gonna be up front with you: Lotta weird stuff in this episode. Catgirls, Ghibli stuff, horny fish made manifest by repressed thirstwaves feeding back on themselves in a cave somewhere.

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    Periaki – Episode the Thirteenth

    In the first ever Wholesome Episode® of Going Down with the Ship, Eden & Fin discuss only the most well-to-do sunshine content, like Lapis Lazuli erotic brunch self-insert.

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    Squi’ki – Episode the Twelfth

    Trains, horses, sea creatures, Norse gods – everyone’s favorite properties finally get their due on a radically anthropomorphized episode of Going Down with the Ship.

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    Solpher (feat. Lily) – Episode the Eleventh

    Tenured "Two Hands" shipper Lily joins us to bust the whole shipping thing wide open. We discuss the hornability of several Pokémon, the shippability of popular boys, and the unbearable vorability of being.

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    Qilly (feat. Jesse Knowles) – Episode the Seventh

    We talk all things Zero Time Dilemma (spoiler-free), Umineko, and Saw while trying to plunge the depths of how many boys a single writer can put inside of a robot suit. Podcasting is simply unfair… don’t you think?

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    Bruxco Yazawaaah – Episode the Sixth

    In an enormously erotic episode, we hash out some indices and charts for the horniness of Zero Time Dilemma characters and Love Live idol girls, and get really deep into the currently revealed body horrorriffic Pokémon from the upcoming Sun & Moon games.

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    Chloria – Episode the Fifth

    Eden is overtaken by ham rage. Fin is overtaken by Life is Strage. The entire podcast reveals itself as a supernatural time-altering entity. This week on Going Down with the Ship... wanna buy a watch? (The watch is full of weed.)

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    Dorfang (feat. Greg L. Mercer) – Episode the Fourth

    It’s a super deep and edgy episode of Going Down with the Ship as podcast monarch Greg L. Mercer of [BRACKET!] and Sound.wav joins us to ship all things Homestuck, Disney-Pixar’s Cars, and Banksy.

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    Corffrey – Episode the Third

    This week on Going Down with the Ship, some would call it tunnel vision, but we call it laser focusing in on the eponymous Cory Baxter of Cory In The House. We talk about the multitudes of Cory contained within that bright yellow polo, his nihilistic epoch, and his Revelation which brings unto the earth a new God for the new era.

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    Sodatrap – Episode the Second

    Mountain Dew. Danganronpa 2. Takeout-box-shaped robots. All these topics and more come together in our certainly raunchy but questionably erotic second episode. We also dive into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable's own middle-school hustler boy Okuyasu in a... roundabout way.

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    McBene – Episode the First

    In this inaugural episode, we heal the rift between the Battleborn and Overwatch fanbases; talking shit about C-list heroes and unravelling the McThread that ties the two universes together, past and future. Meanwhile, something ancient and unspeakable is going down at your local Arby's.

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